Problems Placing Objects

So I’ve logged in a few times the past few days, ever since the new grass patch. I haven’t been able to place anything. I’ve tried metal doors, wooden doors, wooden shelters. Nothing is allowing me to place anything. I can do everything else in the game, simply can’t place objects into the game world. Anyone else having this problem?

Are you trying to place the objects on Wood Foundation or directly on the ground?

I’ve got a building where I normally have doors and they’re not placing. The wooden shelter is the only one I’m trying to place on the ground and it’s green and flat when I try. I’ve also tried moving everything into my inventory and crafting new items.

Try describing your problem a little better than “can’t place anything”. Are you able to hold it? Is it just red all the time?

Doors and buildings act how they normally would when I try to place them. I press the keyboard button for them, they show up as either red or green if in the appropriate or inappropriate locations. However, when I left click they won’t place. I’ve been playing for a few weeks now, so I’ve only been trying to place doors in doorways.

Left clicking otherwise works though. I’m able to gather resources with a hatchet, destroy sleeping bags, hunt animals etc. I’m also only trying to place things when they turn green, not when they’re red. My building is also otherwise appropriate. Not trying to place anything like wooden walls on metal foundation. It’s all appropriate material for the situation.