Problems Placing Wooden Foundations?

Alright. So, first off, I’m in a very unpopulated server in Rust. I found a prebuilt foundation with approximately 7 pillars, so I put up walls and it’s currently my house. It’s been raided a few times, so I want to live in a place more hidden than this. I found the location, and built the needed supplies. But, the problem was when I tried to place my wooden foundations. They broke when I placed them…

So I searched Google, and they said that the Admin had to restart the server. I had questions about this… Such as: If he/she restarts the server, will that wipe out everything people have built on the server?

Also, will this even work? Is there another way to fix this glitch? Thanks a lot guys. :dance:

Restart does not equal a wipe.

A restart will temporarily fix the issue. For a couple days or so in my exp. From what I was looking at, the perm fix is a forced wipe.

Okay. Thanks for the info.

I have noticed that someone build next to my area. And, they placed their own wooden foundations. I tried to place them again, but they broke again. Could it only be me?

Exactly the same in my case. I couldnt place foundations, while other people can after I asked them to place it in front of my eyes.

And also, for me, its the same on like 7 different servers I’ve tried. Specifically me, and no problem for anyone else.

Still going to try on more servers just in case all 7 of the above admins were not wise enough to schedule restarts periodically.

I will post here for updates.

I’ve got a scheduled server restart which takes place every 24 hours which does help this problem a huge load.

I’ve experienced this issue once and since the automatic restarts, no one has reported the issue as it appears to happen when the server has been online for over 24-48 hours without restart.

For me, it works on some servers and doesn’t work on others. I can’t say if it’s client-based or server-based. Maybe the player is false located, as to say on the client-side I am at area x where I can place foundation at area y, while on the server-side I am at area y, so the collision box of my player and the foundation overcross and said foundation is destroyed. Has someone checked recently if the exploit still exists where you can place foundations on top of your sleeping bag to spawn inside the foundation? Maybe this bug is a result of a try to fix this exploit…

Tried around 5 more servers just now. Still no luck. They break as I lay them.

Gonna try deleting Rust and re-installing. Wish me luck.

Deleting and re-downloading Rust didnt work. For me anyways.

Looks like its time to visit the real world and stay away from the game a while. I hope nobody else gets affected by this game-breaking bug.

I have the same problem …on different servers. I also heart others complaining about it in game.

I had the same problem the other day. It wasn’t until I logged out of Rust & Steam and logged back in did the issue go away. “I am” the server admin so I know for a fact that it wasn’t a server restart that corrected the issue.

Thank you for sharing, man. Like I said, I’ve tried everything and nothing works. Including, obviously, logging out and logging back in. But I’m glad it works for you.

Probably going to try reinstalling Windows when I feel up to it, although I know that probably won’t do any good.

one question:

this happens only on modded servers?

On modded, vanilla, and official. For me anyways.

Would this make any difference?

Happened to me, too. Went to a couple different servers, still the same issue. fortunately, someone put down a single foundation and abandoned it, and I was able to build foundations ATTACHED to that one, but I cant build one without one preexisting. The issue is effecting a lot of players, so I’m sure its something that facepunch will be working on.

just asking. had the same problem starting today. restarting server helped us, but im not sure how long this will help us.


didnt occur to me to try placing foundations to an existing foundation.

I am running an Oxide modded server. Wiped as from Patch 25th Feb.
Today 20 minutes ago people started reporting the same thing you describe. Wood foundations just break when you place them.
I restarted the server and things are back to normal.

Before the restart it tried Metal foundations and they work.

Yeah… I’ve noticed that what some of you have said, is that others can place the foundations. I think I’ll ask my friend to place it for me, and I’ll connect the other foundations to them. That seems to be the only way for me to place it, as I tried it on someone’s fortress.

If the foundation breaks when he places it, I guess I’ll have to wait for our inactive Admin to come online, and I’ll have to ask him.

wooden and metal foundations can’t be placed on the official US East Coast 2 server.