Problems: Rarity of Codelock BP / Problems with Keylocks

I started playing new Rust again, and for the past week now I have not been able to find a codelock blueprint.

I’ve gone through TONS of barrels, if not over 100…
I’ve raided radtowns
I’ve built bases next to radtowns to consistantly raid them…
I’ve tried to trade for it in chat
I’ve tried to offer explosives / C4 BP for it in chat…

Unfortunately… since the blueprint is so rare, and such a necessity… it comes down to winning the lottery…and if you can’t find one, you might as well stop playing NOW.


Keylocks are extremely irritating to use, here’s a few reasons why:
1:) You need a key on you to open your door, so anyone can be waiting outside to kill you for your key AND now your entire building and everything in it belongs to someone else.
2:) If you have multiple doors you need multiple keys, and since all keys look alike it’s very hard to keep track of what key goes where, which limits your ability to expand indefinitely.
3:) If you leave your home to go collect resources, anyone can kill you take your key, and now your entire base is basically F***ed
4:) It makes teaming up or living with a team of players virtually impossible… since everyone will need a key to every door, and if anyone loses one the entire base is compromised.
5:) if you don’t build extra keys, you may end up getting locked inside your own house or locked out forever.

PLEASE allow everyone to build codelocks from the start, OR remove keylocks until a better solution is made. It’s far too frustrating for new players to even get into the game when they are practically setup to get raided, and have no way of improving “unless” they find a codelock BP.

or you could make Codelock BPs more common for people who are missing the BP.

Thanks for reading

Edit: This is my first time using facepunch forums, please let me know if this is in the wrong place or if i broke any rules thanks.

Edit2: Idk why rocket launchers and painting d**ks comes before game breaking issues like this.

TLDR; Change codelock into Fingerprint Scanner, Add Combination lock as default BP ( 100 metal ) keep key lock as default as well.

I had discussions with a-lot of people about keylocks.

They boiled down to a few main points that might help put things in perspective.

  1. Keylocks are suppose to be shit tier this makes you get out and looking for a new lock bp.

  2. They are somewhat useful for keeping people out of a door/chest you do not want them learning the code for or for simply being a gate keeper.

Other than that I agree they are just about the most annoying part of the game besides the AR lag.

What I suggest is that they add Combination Locks ( like a padlock ) And then CHANGE the CODELOCK into a hand-print scanner ( A bio-metric signature lock )

What does this do? It makes it so you can add your friends hand-prints to the new codelocks so they are super useful, no code needed and no compromising the base, nobody can change the code, and only the owner can add new friends.

It also keeps the combination system for the intermediate/more insecure system of giving out codes/combinations to people.

So far after playing on a server it took me almost 3 weeks before i got a codelock BP… and that includes rad towns and mostly barrel hunting.

Its extreme frustrating to be stuck with several keys on your person, limiting your inventory and the massive risk to your base. Its a instant access to your loot room.

Not until the owner made barrels / chests spawn more better loot ( mod ), then i FINALLY got a codelock BP. The vanilla drops from barrels are just constant junk and its really random / dumb luck that you get something good.

The way the game its BP drops work, its annoying when you get for the 5 time some BP you already have but just can not get the BP’s that you need. I can spend hours barrel bashing on the vanilla loot and just keep getting stuff i already have or semi useless normal clothing BP’s.

The good stuff is in general in the air drops but good luck getting to those when most people hunt for them ( especially as single players ).

it takes me usually 1-3 days to get a codelock bp it is pure luck yes, but it is just barrel hunting.

I like the fact barrel hunting gets people out and about, what I do not like is that once you have the blueprint you do not need to go out barrel hunting for that bp ever again.

An elegant solution would be that blueprints can be farmed from specific places, causing pvp hotspots, as well as from barrels. And at the same time, we cant just “read” the bp but must store it in a research workbench in order to craft that item at it.

This makes people raid for blueprints, pvp at farming hotspots for blueprints, and constantly have to go out for blueprints if you lose them.

It also allows players to have a power struggle via blueprint control.

True, i like your idea for BP needed for crafting table.

But at the same time given how much the server gets cleaned from content, it become a big drag on always rebuilding, re-finding, re-harvesting.

I am frankly fed up dealing with tree cutting, given how much wood is eaten up by processing iron/sulfur. With the massive costs for armored even a small 3*2 base ( with several floors ), after all this time is only 30% armored because of the massive resource costs and processing time.

The game is becoming a frankly full time job just in resource hunting / processing then actually “building/playing/raiding”. And that is with Hunt mod active that gives way faster resource gathering.

There is always a reason to leave your base. When you are good on resources it become more fun because you can focus on hunting players or raiding bases. But for most people if there base is not secure its just useless.

Yesterday i was raiding some base and did not have the spare C4 to continue the job. Got a bigger clan player to help me out on the raid, as of course they had the C4 BP already studied. We found nothing on the raid so i offered him some stuff from my chests ( processed sulfur ). He looked at it and almost laugh at the quantity ( what took me weeks to process ). I was invited to there base and well … even if half the server’s single or small groups banded to together, there is no way to raid a base like that with even minimal defense player active, let alone the fact that they armored it up.

So imagine getting raided by a clan / group like that ( for them most bases are easy to raid ) and then losing most or all of your BP. Now a LOT of people quit after getting raided two or three times because they are fed up regathering all the resources. Can you imaging seeing your door’s blow-out, your codelock BP gone and then you need to spend maybe days trying to find another one. Not exactly “fun”.

What server you on? I’ll sell you the BP for 10,000 stone.

I’m talking about when you can actually reliably go to an area to farm a blueprint, not just barrel hunting.

but I am always ( even if I join a server solo ) in a group of at least 4+ and we share blueprints we find and resources we gather.

If you are a solo player consider making a smaller house and armoring it up for less cost. ( 2x2 works well with the new stairs ) and then you can always fortify it will barricades or new wall layers easily later.

But I would love to see a research table store the actual blueprints not just magically “learn” the blueprint from finding it in a barrel naked, and reading it on the spot.

if you get raided and they find your research table ( or your boxes where oyu store some bp’s ) then ya your out some knowledge, but you can go to the area to farm people or the bps themselves or just barrel hunt again, it keeps the server active. This is of course once the version is stable as hell.

There could be a cruder combo-lock without BP–like one with number cylinders design. It could have fewer digits or require entry each time.

Another feature that would make the keys managable would be to allow us the option to craft a lock from the key. So one key could open multiple doors.

Thought I’d add my reply to this as I think the scarcity of the codelock blueprint is a huge roadblock to people getting into the game.

I’ve been searching for one for about 3 days in the evenings and probably opened up ~50 barrels. Still no codelock. I want to build lots of small bases around an area but it’s just completely impractical with the key lock. And if you then want someone else to join you… then it gets ridiculous.

Keys everywhere. They all look the same. Die once and everything is compromised. I know that this is intended, and that this is the value of the codelock BP, but having to run around bashing barrels for hours on end until you find it is not fun, it is just tedious. You never EARN it. You just get lucky after being frustrated for ages.

Make it really hard to craft, fine, make it comprised of loads of different materials, fine. But don’t make it just a case of pulling a fruit machine lever and hoping you get lucky - particularly as each fruit machine can be 10 minutes away from the last one. It gets old. Fast.


Totally agree, there needs to be a reliable way to get the parts/bp to a code-lock or a bio-metric lock.

Such as killing a robot npc / drone / salvaging a planewreck or something that always happens or is on the map.

Keylocks are cool for me, i never made electric shiet.
Bp finding is same for all players, you wont get more chance than other players.
Hard game is a good game.
I wish they will add bp’s which you ll need a month to earn for it.

Garry why u gave as rock for free at start? I want to earn for that rock.

Heres how i cope with key locks,

  1. Make two copies of the key
  2. store one copy in a box next to your sleeping bag
  3. Make a small box and hide it under the water or bushes nearby
  4. when leaving to go on a run, hide the second key in the box outside
  5. NEVER carry a key on you.

if there was a place to farm high tech equipment ( such as code-locks, or computer/electric related gadgets ) and you had to be decently geared to do it, the Key-lock grind would be unaffected except everyone would be able to go there to fight over the farm and get new items, if you are too scared to go farm there, you can barrel hunt naked for 10 hours.

I really don’t understand why the game needs to hold your hand.

Yes, if you lose a key you potentially lose the house you were occupying.
It is not your house. At least not anymore.

This is all working as intended. There is supposed to be a sense of danger when you enter the world.
You are not supposed to be able to safeguard yourself from adversity by default.

only thing i would add is to consider placing the storage for the active key far enough from your place that it is not immediately obvious which house it is to if it is found.

You know what a really good workaround for the lack of a code lock BP is? Try talking to other players who have them or have spare BPs and negotiate a trade. I’ve made all kinds of trades of BPs or items with other people in exchange for resources or BPs I don’t already have.

Who’da thunk that being social actually works…

mate trade 1 codelock whit someone on server, if the first door too the wild is safeguarded whit codelock, your problem are solved ( if u are onlyne )…

Right after the last forced wipe 3 weeks back, I got lucky. The second barrel I hit gave me a code lock BP. After 3 days, we were still without a large wood box BP and the base was littered with small boxes. So I offered up a trade in chat, and had some random guy with an extra box BP spoke up. We negotiated a trade - a few code locks for his extra large box BP.

Over the next couple of days, I ended up trading code locks and large boxes to people for various other resources and BPs. It worked out great for everyone.

indeed, too bad we cant hide keys up our butts

In my opinion locks add nothing to the game, it’s a nuisance and added difficulty to new players. I find a lot of people (myself included) will just farm barrels until they find a codelock bp and then start building.

Almost feels like it was only put into the game to troll new players.