Problems setting up hammer for Garry's Mod

Hi, i have followed the tutorial in the Garry’s Mod wiki (Creating the Configuration)

But whenever i try to launch hammer, with this config
Engine Version: The Orange Box
Current Game: Garry’s Mod

It gives me this message

The configuration information for the game you’re trying to edit is invalid or missing.
|Run anyway| |Cancel| |Help…|

Those are my options, when i hit run anyway it gives me this.

Select a game configuration to use,
Day of Defeat: Source
Garry’s Mod
Half-life 2: Episode Two
Team Fortress 2

I choose Garry’s Mod…

I get an error saying,

Setup file “Gameinfo.txt” doesn’t exist in subdirectory ".
Check your -game parameter or VCONFIG setting.

And another window poped up like this,

what am I doing wrong?

Has GMod been run at least once since installation?

Just did and that didn’t work


Thanks for the help Terrenteller, i just deleted the config and tried again and it worked.

Ok so Im having the same problem and don’t know what to do u said u deleted some config file? If thats what fixed it can u tell me where this file is located and anything else u did to fix this.

He just deleted the entire configuration and remade it, it isn’t a fix, it was just probably that he entered something wrong and remaking it fixed that misspelling or whatever the issue was. Also, please try and actually use at least a little grammar, 2 minutes isn’t going to kill you.

Don’t use the Garrys Mod Config. Use the HL2:EP2 config and copy the maps into your Garrys Mod folder when you’re done.