Problem's starting my server

I previously made a server using " hldsupdatetool ", I installed the files, I forwarded all the ports and turned off all firewalls. And for a breif period of time the server was working fine. D:
But recently, I’ve tried turning the server on and no one can see the server, or join it.

I’m really not sure what commands I need to input, when I turn the server on, or what I need to do.
If anyone could help, It would be really appreciated. :smiley: :smiley:

Oh, and so far when I turn it on, I’ve used the sv_lan 0 and net_start commands.

Thanks. - Mailbot

I really need help, if anyone could tell me what I need to do, once I’ve turned the server on, It would be really helpful.

DONT BUMP AFTER A HALF DAY! its useless! and obviously u didnt do it right or you set your server to use different ports than the default. also make sure sv_lan is 0

Wow, thanks for being a dick.

  1. I waited over night

I know my ports are fine, I’ve been checked them with programs and websites.
I’ve been using sv_lan 0

Is it possibly because my IP keeps changing?

That is a VERY strong possibility. And im not being a dick for telling you to Follow the RULES. You’re supposed to wait alteast 24 hours.

Simply everyfew days check your system IP, by typing ipconfig in CMD. If its changed change it. If not, keep trying.

I have that problem alot to…so yea.

Where are the rules written Mr.KnowItAll?