Problems That Don't Need Their Own Thread v5

Welcome to Problems That Don’t Need Their Own Thread v5!

Have a small problem in your Lua code that keeps nagging you, but you feel like it’s not worth making a thread for? Well then you’ve come to the right place! Reply to this thread with your problems and we might just be able to help you out!

How to go about posting your issue

  • Give a good description on the issue
  • What have you tried doing to solve the issue? (make a post if you’ve already tried everything you can)
  • Post the necessary code for someone to help you solve the issue (wrap it in [lua]…[/ lua] tags)
  • Post any other information that can be helpful for solving the issue (any errors)
  • Any media that could better display the issue

Don’t ask for help when it’s not your own code, contact the creator instead!

Useful sources

Official Garry’s Mod Wiki:
Old Garry’s Mod Wiki. Has more examples: (long url)
Garry’s Mod GitHub (The Lua files of Garry’s Mod):

Previous Threads: