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I’m making my first serverhopper addon, and would like to know how I’d paint text with the amount of players in the servers on the serverhopper? Sorry if this sounds confusing :alien:

If you want to show the number of players on other servers, then you’ll need to have these servers communicate their number of players with a socket, MySQL or with server queries

I hope you’re joking? Why would I pose a ragdoll using the weapon

You cannot make a ragdoll sit in a chair – ragdolls don’t work with activities.

So I am working on my server, no error messages but on the startup when I have 3d2d textscreen installed it will crash. When I remove 3d2d textscreens it starts perfectly.

I never said anything about a weapon.





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See the example on


Gonna need more details. What is “3d2d textscreen”? Is it a freely available add-on? If yes, link it here.
It makes little sense for a 3D2D textscreen add-on to crash the server as all the work should be done clientside. Except of course for the spawning and networking

That’s it, thanks !

I want to draw a stencil inside of a stencil. Is this even possible?

So far as I know stencils are an absolute state as opposed to stack based (ie scissor rect), so in order to do stencil-in-stencil you will either need access to the underlying state (which you don’t have access to) or you need to be vary careful about which reference values you use and make sure that nothing else uses them.

Does anyone know anything about gmod_anchor?

I’m trying to make a scripted entity and I want it to be static, unmovable, and working with an attached


The gmod_anchor entity has all these properties, so I’m wondering what code it uses.

However, my entity needs to be visible, which is why I don’t want to use gmod_anchor.

Is there any function that lets you clip a

surface.DrawPoly from another

surface.DrawPoly without using a stencil?

You could look into CSG I guess? But since source doesn’t know what that is you could make it yourself with stencils or use bobblehead’CSG library that uses stencils or there was a release a few months back about someone releasing a CSG library that used stencils

Here’s the link to the add on, its open and just a download add text

How do I launch and play on a srcds without my IP being publicly visible? If that isn’t possible, is there a way to prevent workshop addons from automatically downloading (so I can have separate addon folders for development and playing)?

I just overwrote a lua file I’ve been working on for 2 weeks with a single folder replacement. I’m really starting to sweat.

Sublime Text 3 doesn’t have an auto backup feature. What???

Garry’s Mod is still open and the code is still actively running in it. Is there anything I can do whatsoever within Garry’s Mod to attempt to get some of the code back?

Not if it is serverside AFAIK.

Can’t you revert your change, or view the file history?

I thought the folder would merge, not overwrite. The file isn’t even there anymore. I don’t really care if it’s serverside or clientside. Anything at all that might work would be great

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It’s for an entity. Most of the code is clientside.

You could check your cache, it MIGHT be there. Every time you join a server a version of the clientside file is sent to you.

There’s also a way to print the clientside code too if I remember correctly.