Problems using Propper

Hey, I’ve started playing about with Propper for Hammer thinking it’d be handy for doing some custom Gmod models. I’ve got about as far as exporting a first “test” model, and having some difficulty.

I’ve put the model files into garrysmod/garrysmod/models and the material into, well, materials. The model shows up in the spawn menu, but when it appears all I get is an error which fades out and the model invisible.

What have I missed here? Is there some file besides those that needs placing? Some setting I overlooked? Yeah I’m pretty new at this so there are no doubt a dozen different things that went wrong but still.


Did you place the QC file in the correct directory, and is it set up right?

Ah. That would likely be it then, where exactly does the QC file go? I don’t think I moved that