Problems when saving maps.

So I’ve been mapping for a while, and it looks like I broke something.
This happens whenever I go to save a new map, or save changes to an old map. No matter where I navigate to in the Save toolbox, it resets to save the file in the “Documents and Settings” folder, with the PC’s name (Compaq_Owner) as the file name. Since this happens with any map made in hammer, each new map overrides the last with the same file name, deleting the old one in the process.
Any way to fix this?

I had a similar issue a while back that seemed to fix itself.

Are you saying you enter the name for a map and click save, while it still says “mapname.vmf” then renames it when you save it?

Well, kinda.
I go to my map folder, type in “mapname”, click save, then it asks me if I want to overwrite “Compaq_owner.vmf”. It doesn’t actually save unless I click yes, but it won’t save otherwise.
Kinda as if clicking save is what resets the directory.
If that’s what you meant, then yes.

Well, if it can’t be solved, you can always rename .vmfs after you save them.

But try clicking no and saving in the directory it goes to automatically (that’s what happened to me anyway) and give it a new name.

Well, I’ve been doing that for a while, actually. This thing’s just some annoyance I finally decided to look into.
I’ll figure it out eventually.

I had a similar problem where each map is saved as steamusername.vmf in the steamapps folder.

Solution: Don’t just save it as mapname, but as mapname.vmf

Just try re-installing the SDK, make sure your maps are backed up and re-install that shit.

And please use one of the two megathreads.

We already have a release forum and a request forum. So what is the problem with people asking seperate questions in this forum. Ask the moderators to make a WIP forum if that is the problem. :confused: