Problems with a 3D skybox

Hi facepunch,

lately I have been trying to implement 3D skyboxes into my maps, without any luck. I always end up having these weird shadows all over the place, such as this one: (sorry for the game menu, i needed it to take the screenie)

The skybox is exactly 1/16 scale, with a (default settings) sky_camera in the middle of it. Under the sky_camera, I have a grass texture, 1/16 scale, with displacements going in a circle around the sky_camera. (I was hoping to make hills in the background of the map)
The same thing happens with "prop_static"s, instead of brushwork.

I really have no idea what I’m doing wrong, because I followed multiple youtube tutorials on 3D skybox making.

I uploaded the .BSP and .VMF so yall can take a closer look at everything:



Thank you for any help.

You placed the displacements and the skycamera at the wrong place.

Not only you made the displacements of the skybox in the same size as the map (which makes the skybox appear on the map instead at it’s edges) you also forget to leave a hole where the map is and you placed the skycamera (which represents the origin) above the displacements, so the map floats above the skybox and the mountains which touch the map cause the shadows.

thank you so much… i can’t believe i didn’t think of that.

oh well. it shows i’m relatively new to mapping :stuck_out_tongue:


ok i am not sure how to put the displacements “out” of the map… do i make the 3d skybox bigger, and then move the displacements to the edge?