Problems with a ripped Sephiroth model

Thanks to a tutorial from a month or so ago, i was finnally able to rip a sephiroth model and its textures from the psp game Crisis core final fantasy 7. I then exported it into my database, but when i imported it and its textures it came out like this…

i’m thinking that i just somehow asaigned the texture improperly, but i’m a noob at this stuff so i could get a few pointers on assaigning textures ^_^’

sorry if this info is a little inaccurate…

What’s wrong with it?

the textures are supposed to be more evened out then is now, can’t ya tell?

It loos like the normals are backwards for the lower section.

Yeah, I gave up porting this model because of the flipped normals. You need to manually unflip them (which is a bitch in Milkshape, dunno if there’s an easier way in 3ds/whatever). The trenchcoat I remember being fairly easy to do, but the hair I gave up on due to there being so many faces in that area.

Its not 3ds, but its made by the same company.

The sofimage XSI mod tool is similar to 3ds, but you can get an addon that allows you to interact with valve skeletons and stuff like that.

And the best part about it is that its FREE, i recomend going with this version right here since the newest version has some problems with it: ModDB.