problems with a specific download playermodel

I can’t figure out how to download this specific playermodel and it’s driving me INSANE!!! it’s the only KH2 playermodel and I apparently don’t kno where to put it

Ok, but first, a rant.
The one thing I haven’t worked out, is why people want to download some stupid addon so much they come here. Cmon, no addon is really that good. Most are crappy little things. I’ve never worked it out. Can ANYONE explain this to me?

Also, it goes in garrysmod/garrysmod.

didn’t work :frowning:

Have you tried doing this
after downloading the file open the folder of the should see a a few folders called lua,models, materials.If you dont see those keep going threw the files until you find them.Copy those files and paste them in garrysmod/garrysmod.If you did it correctly it should ask you if you want to merge files click yes.

Because the “new generation” is full of retards, morons and idiots.

thank you for your help it works now :slight_smile: