Problems with Addons (mac)


I’m Just new to Gmod but allot of friends of mine play though.

I bought gmod yesterday and started playing single player. When i went online
it started to download various items that were needed on this server.After i joined the guys were spawning items but for me it were just error signs. So i thought maybe i should download some addons. I put them in the right Addons folder but they don’t work. I runned gmod and nothing changed.So i used Toybox to add some items. This worked but if i double clicked on the item it just spawns but it doesn’t appear in my props list. The same with guns. I install them via Toybox and after i die they are gone and i cant find them in the list.

If someone is having the same problem please say so.
If someone found a solution please help me.

Thank you for your time


The models may be from some other Source games that you haven’t downloaded. CSS and Half Life 2: Episode 2 are pretty essential for most servers.
What Source games have you got downloaded at the moment?

Thank you for replying,

I have Css and dod.
I tried to download Phx 3 installed it but it didn’t show up in my props list.

Did you download PHX3 via SVN?

Um could you tell me what svn is ? i downloaded it on gmod’s site.and extracted it into the addons file

I think it’s probably because of missing props from other games. Buy the Orange Box if you don’t already have it and download Episode Two and the original Half Life 2 as well.


A couple of friends of mine have addons and didn’t buy the orange box they only have Css not even DoD.

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