Problems with addons, tools, spawnlists and spawning

Hi all, I just fixed up my Gmod today (it kept freezing and not downloading new subs, thinking the old ones weren’t there), and I’m already having issues.

First off, several addons I subbed to recently keep redownloading themselves as if they didn’t make it in last time or updated themselves, (i.e. Ubercharge materials, animated props tools) and as a result, these addons aren’t showing up during gameplay. I thought restarting the game would help, but they keep doing the same thing.

Secondly, several model addons are refusing to spawn suddenly. It started in my Legacy Addons folder (yes, I have it enable). All my legacy addons thus far (only like 2 or three) all have an addon.txt file, but when I go to spawn them, nothing happens. I also installed a Team-Colored Sentry Buster to try and replace the default Valve one, but it keeps thinking it’s the vanilla one. Several of these non-spawning addons are also not properly generating their respective spawnicons.

Finally, the default spawnlists and respective spawnicons, despite being present in their folder in the settings folder, have suddenly stopped showing up, now only a folder titled “Your Spawnlists” is appearing, and click it does absolutely nothing. This makes it PAINFULLY difficult for me to really spawn what I need to spawn for screenshots.

What in Sam Hill do I do to fix all these?!

Sounds like the exact same problem I’ve been having.

Try disabling all of your addons and restarting GMod. That should make it download the “broken” addons, but as soon as you re-enable them it’s gonna bugger up again.

If that’s the case, then this really needs to get fixed.

This problem happened to me once before, I mean the thing about it redownloading constantly, not the other glitches. I found it helped to delete the GMA file and I think the cache, too. (I recommend to make a backup though). I don’t know about the glitching legacy addons though. But also for the spawnlist, I would try to delete the spawnlist folder entirely (though backup again, if you have any custom ones you can put them back after). This force GMod to redownload it.

Hope these help.

Disabling all the addons would be a real hassle. I’ve got quite a bit of RTB’s stuff amongst other things (at least 23 pages worth of addons).

Oh, and one other thing I noticed is that despite having deleted the folders for the minecraft pickaxe to replace the crowbar, it’s still there. Somehow carried over from Gmod 12.

Save suddenly aren’t saving and cannot be loaded.

The flashlight no longer works.

And lastly, a number of subbed ragdolls incorrectly spawn all the time. Instead of being a ragdoll, they spawn as a prop without physics, making them impossible to use.

Last time I verified my cache it broke my Gmod; at least 4 times Gmod has claimed I’ve had absolutely no addons, and when it tries to redownload my subs, it freezes.

And for some reason I can’t use my mouse properly when I push the Q button to open the spawnmenu; it only works properly if I crouch and open it. What.

Simply put- what the fucking fuck. These all need IMMEDIATE fixing.

So yeah, a boatload of problems that need to be fixed, and I’m getting sick of them.