Problems With Addons.

Well, I’m a GMOD Newbie. I tried to install some NPCs and Two Maps in my folder, but something is wrong. One of the maps gives fatal error while loading the game (Mario Kart V2, to be more specific), but the second one works. The NPC, the TRex doesn’t appear in the list. Do I have to change something in the texts or I’m placing the objects in the wrong folders?

Thank you.

Well did you get the patch as well? for the T-Rex?

Ah i see what you did wrong…
You see you can’t just add everything into the addons section cause mostly all downloads are not addons.
In the t-rex folder theirs lua, materials, models, and a sound folder(Maybe a settings folder as well)
When your in the gmod directory you need to find the folders that have those names. if their isn’t one then you might need to create one. Then you open
them up, along with the other folder that has your T-Rex things in it so i’d say i open up materials, i’d get another folder like models. You click models in the materials folders. If it gives a name like
T-rex or trex, just drag and drop it in their. Now if theirs 2 of the same folders you basically open the 2 same folders, and drop the folder in. Now if this is not really helping at all just send me a pm and ill do a video tutorial.