Problems with applying ported textures/compile

it’s sonya blade that i ripped rom mk vs dcu

i can’t place textures on it

i would love her to be on GMOD

i have other models too if you want

Sonia looks like a man. I think that’s enough said.

but if running 3dsmax, use unify or attempt to remove any double polygons. then try to unify again…
textures are normal DDS, Texture UV’s should be intact. but the normals need they ARGB channels swapped.

frankly, i don’t get what you said, i only use 3ds to view models, do you want me to send the files?

How did you rip from MKvsDCU? O.o (really i’d like to know)

Is there no groups defined for each texture? There usually is when there ripped (though alot more with 3D Ripper DX than if you do it propperly).

-first, you must have an original disc of mkvdc
-then, google umodel viewer

btw, interested in putting this in gmod?

Ah you got them working ^^

I know all about UModel i’ve used it to rip from alsorts of UT engine games, what i need to know is how you can get at the files on the disk.

ow i see, just search the thread about mkvdc in gildor’s forum there’s a link there or google this: xbox360 backup creator

so, would you port them in gmod?


i’m releasing these to those who want to port it to GMOD10

Do they still have the skeletons/rigging? (I’d expect them to if you used UModel)

Wait that Backup thing actually works?

-yep, they still have the skeletons

-100% it works