Problems with Assmod Admin

Hi i just purchased a server and i have a slight problem i bought my server off of counterstrike .com and i put asmod on my server set it up gave it to my friend for admin the i restarted the server and the oddest thing happend my friend and i losto ur admin now i have to do this every time i log in could anybody help me?


is there a way to save

Bump for me having the same problem

Download the latest Assmod. What version are you running?

PS: Heres a link -

2.3 here

anything els could be the problem is there some way of saving?

Type this in rcon

ASS_giveownership 2

but before you do that type status in console and make sure the 2 is before you’re name and not you’re freind cause if the 2 is before his name you will be giving him ownerhsip so if its 3 just change the number on the command.

Once you have ownership type bind x +ass_menu in console so when you press x you get youre admin menu

Once you have youre admin menu go to access and set youre freind to super admin or admin .

Hope this helps.

well i know how to do that its just when i restart the server to change maps all admin is lost…


if anyone can help please do.

Go into your Files and Manually do it, your server isnt very good, resulting in it not saving stuff such “ass”
CVARs and Modifications to files.