Problems with ! commands

For some reason the ! commands are not working I noticed this when I was unable to access !steam, !shop, and !stuck. But the weird thing is that the !thirdperson works, any helpful thoughts on where and how to fix this?

(User was banned for this post ("See Developer Discussion for help threads/add a bit more information!" - NiandraLades))

It is my belief that / should be used for all chat commands from forever and for every ! used a kitten dies and a child cries over ice cream that slipped off the cone.

I recommend not using such callous things as it will only bring pain and an indifference towards life.

The fact that they are not working means they are working better than they ever have.

The server may have a competing hook for the player chat input that’s broadcasting text a different way and then returning an empty string. Depending on the load order of the hooks, certain commands will work just fine but others will get swallowed by that particular hook.

Also I’ve never seen elitism between / vs ! as a modifier for chat commands. You learn something new every day.

Try a full re-install, and just copy paste your old addons folder.