Problems with custom TF2 playermodel sprint animations

I’m attempting to create a playermodel for a custom gamemode for Team Fortress 2 that uses custom animations. I have all the animations set up and named as well as the aimmatrixes,
I’m currently having an issue when I test the model ingame where the animations do not ‘fade’ out back into the idle animation, even with pose parameters and ‘fadeout’ set up in the QC file.

Here’s a video showcasing the issue:

This is the QC:

Does anybody know where I have gone wrong? Thanks.

There’s no movement in the animations. Open it up in anything and move the root bone in the direction of the running animation at the appropriate speed. After doing that for all of them add “LX LY” to your sequences.

Thanks, that seemed to do the trick for the movement animations. Just wondering, but is there any way to fix the same problem for the other animations like the melee and jump animations (At 0:25 of the video)? I have a feeling it would be to use ‘blendlayer’ in the QC but I’m not 100% sure.

You could try subtracting them from themselves instead of a_reference.