Problems with Downloading Maps on My Server

First and foremost, I am sure that you guys receive millions of these posts everyday, but every time I look at a thread I follow the instructions and they never work, so here I go.

I am having problems with my server which doesn’t force people to download the maps that the server is playing on. Right now I made it a 24/7 Minecraft server because I don’t know how to make people download the maps, and the ttt_minecraft_b5 map is one of the most common maps and everybody has it. If anyone would be kind enough to show me exactly where and how to add the lua code and what not. Thanks so much.

Your friend,

Do you use FastDL or WorkshopDL?

Um, honestly, I have no clue… :confused:
I just manually download them from and upload them to the maps on my garrysmod directory and to the server directory.

Go to your server.cfg and see if a sv_downloadurl is defined. Send me the link afterwards.

Nevermind, I figured it out. All I had to do was install FastDL and add the ‘resource.AddWorkshop’ code and then boom bow bing it worked. Thanks anyways!