Problems with EAC

(first, i dont speak so much english)
Hello Facepunch guys, i have a problem with my game: when I connect to a server with EAC and it says disconnected: eac unconnected or something like that.
A lot of people have the same issue and there is no fix.
Please gary do something with that crappy anticheat program.

“EAC unconnected or something like that”

Could you be a little more specific? Lol

Guess not, hah!

what you mean

thank you so much!!! i cant believe it worked

this doesn’t work.

Right click rust on steam, go to properties, local files, and verify integrity.

no kidding. doesn’t work. EAC is borked.

Tried disabling your firewall?

doesn’t matter. its a windows issue. eac is not being loaded, or does get loaded and detects some type of mismatch.