Problems with FastDL

Okay so i set up FastDL: http://snip:9080/fastdl/
All files are working fine and stuff, i’ve also put this url in my server.cfg
The problem now is, im running a gmod server on the same pc (snip:9015) and in the same network as the computer i play on. And i can’t use the FastDL because i need to use internal ip ( to load the FastDL page. When i spawn i get the “Server is misconfigured” error at the right top of my screen. Is there any way to make my client pc use the local ip? I was thinking with window’s hosts file but i didn’t try that yet.

No one?

You shouldn’t have to use the internal IP…

I’m abit miffed as to why you require the port…

Why isn’t it running on standard 8080?

Why is that? If i use my external IP i end up trying to login to my router.

Because port 8080 is being used by our NAS that my dad needs acces to from work, the server only has ports 9000-9999 available, i just add 90 infront of all ports kinda.

Oh, well… I don’t know then. maybe using a host that runs on 80 would be the better choice?

I have port 80 forwarded to, when I go to my external IP, it brings me there. To access my router I have to go to and it’s configured to only allow access to it on the local network. It may be because you’re using a different port, you’re really not supposed to.

I can’t use port 80, it’s already in use. Also, you might end up at your server, i have two routers…