Problems with FPS

Hello, i am new at this forum
I´m from Uruguay and i have a little problem
Although I can play well I do not understand the fact that I walk at such low fps the game.
I have a i7 5500u 2.4GHz , NVIDIA GeForce GT 940 2GB , 8GB DDR3 RAM. And while game 1280 x 768 and all low graphics, and void within the game, not exceed 30fps achievement . Always play between 19 - 27fps .
Any solution?

I had same problem after updating my graphics driver via GeForce Experience app, I then uninstalled all the drivers and GeForce experience, restart, install not the latest drivers but the older one, from that time i get like 20fps up, or you got too much effects ON. :stuck_out_tongue:

So you unistalled all the drivers and GeForce experiencie too? And then you install drivers from where?

Well infact, i generally know from experience that when you undermine your GPU and run it much below its capabilite, it de-performs, it can also depend on the server console FPS, on london ii i get 40fps, and on a community, small 20 player server, i get 60, on fantastic, and i have a GTX 770 Direct CU ii

I love u Jelen. It works, thks