Problems with getting a elevator to stop perfectly

So i have this Func_tracktrain elevator that has three path_track stops.

my problem is getting the elevator to stop perfectly on the path_tracks.

on the 2nd story track, if the train comes from the above floor it will stop a little bit higher than the designated path_track.
If the elevator arrives from a lower floor it will stop a little lower than the path_track.

It is driving me crazy and i don’t know how to fix it.

As far as I know there’s no way to fix this. I suggest you use func_movelinear. The distance between the floors needs to be the same tough.

Use a func_train and path_corners instead.

There is a known glitch with func_tracktrain not stopping exactly where you want it to. So just use func_movelinear

Func_movelinear that shit

Isn’t there a “Height above track” value into the func_tracktrain that could cause the problem? There was one in GoldSRC.

Well, the problem with the way i have it currently set up is that the elevator stops at the edge of the path_track entity and not the center.

ill try the other methods mentioned.