Problems with Gmod player models not taking headshots

I’ve heard that this is a compiling problem, but I’m wondering if it could also be some problem with my own personal server as well.

I run a TTT server, and going up against a skin that you can’t headshot is a pain. What sucks, is that a lot of the nicer models that a lot of people request (like deathstroke) won’t take a headshot, at least on my server.

I would like to know if anyone else has a problem with the deathstroke model in particular, or any other “popular” player models.
And if someone just happened to know a way to help fix this problem without rebuilding the skin, it would be extremely helpful!

This is common in a lot of models unfortunately. What happens is the model is compiled without any hitboxes which results in them simply being autogenerated on every single bone with no group assignments.[/t]

This basically means you have a ridiculous set of hitboxes that are based on mesh size and that aren’t actually assigned to groups which tell the game what part of the body the hitbox is (ie head, limb, etc) and such. No matter where you shoot the model – even if the model has horns that don’t exactly have flesh in them – it’ll deal the weapon’s base damage. Shooting someone in the head may deal , let’s say 20 damage while shooting them in the toes or fingers will also deal 20 damage.


Here’s what it should look like. Anyway, long-story short you’ll pretty much have to recompile all of the models that need hitboxes fixed. Hitboxes are compiled right into the model.

Thanks for the reply. It sucks because I’ve never done modelling in Garry’s Mod before. I may look into it though.

There’s no actual modeling involved. It’s just a decompile, an edit inside hlmv, and a recompile. The whole process should only take maaaybe an hour at the most.
Or if you’re lazy you can just copy the hitboxes from one working model to another. There would be inaccuracies though and you still have to de- and recompile the model.

You can always meet half way. You can use the hitboxes from the released citizen source files and just tweak it in HLMV. You’d still be lining everything up to your model, but you’re starting with the hitboxes already there on the body parts you need them on and grouped properly for you.