Problems with Gmod9

I have installed the required games, but when I play Gmod 9, none of the buttons work. When I press singleplayer game or create server nothing happens!

Get Gmod10.

Don’t you have to buy Gmod 10?

It’s only 10 dollars really.

get gmod 10 you dumpass

It’s posted somewhere that the answer to all gmod 9 questions is “buy gmod 10”.

You already have a source games apparently so just buy 10, no?

Gmod 9 is not supported by Garry anymore

Since Garry is trying to fix bugs with GMod 10 (11 if you count the engine update), you won’t get much help here as the forum doesent support it either.



gmod 9 is outdated, you aren’t going to find any fixes for it.
how did you acquire it?

Like everyone else has said, get Gmod 10. Since Gmod 9 is built around the old HL2 code, its simply not gonna work with the new stuff. You can still play the single player (via console commands) but all the stuff that makes Gmod what it is just won’t work. Anyways, Gmod 10 is FAR better than 9 in every way. If you miss the old construct map and the Lazer Nonce, snoop around for the gmod 9 packs.

Trust me. This will be the best $10 you ever spent.


There is one old Gmod that still works however. If you can find the download for Gmod v7a(For HL:S), it should work perfectly since HL:S runs on the older engine and hasn’t been updated. Due note though that it’s far less refined than Gmod9 or 10.

Why do you use Gmod 9? I agree entirely with the above.

You can still download Gmod 9 of steam Stores > mods. Also of internet websites.

get Gmod 10

Did they ever get the VMF loader working for 10? That’s the only reason I cling to 9 as hard as I do :(.

I think it’s been established that he should get Gmod 10, stop saying it :confused:

its because they change hl2 toorangebox engine, change the appid to hl2dm.

a valid answer :u