Problems with GMod's ragodolls and finger poser

Hello again, since i have been temporarily banned for posting in the wrong section accidentally, i have come here to yet again ask for the ever un-answered problem.

What is wrong with my ragdolls?

Let me show you what i mean


Wierd ‘Connectors’ between fingers, only the whole finger can be posed, not individual parts. 'Nuff said.

Half-Life 2 ragdolls on the other hand work fine.

Please ignore the “Downloading X” bars. In a last ditch effort i uninstalled GMod and deleted the folder, then installed again. It didn’t work.

Help please?

Are they custom ragdolls or default ragdolls?

Of course they are default ragdolls. The only ragdoll altering addon i used was TF2 better phys. And these problems never occured to me before.

The HL and CSS models were never made for posing. There’s no need to make a complex model for things like metro police and citizens, since most of the time they are holding a weapon. Same with CSS models.