Problems With Hamachi And Gmod

So I wanted to play Garry’s Mod with my friends so I decided to use Hamachi. It worked and everything but there where some problems.

  1. When I hit 4 players to join only one of my friends could join it. My other friend who was trying to join but it said the server was full while I had set it to 4 players but there where only two including me and my friend.

  2. When I took off god in the options, he was still in god and I tried taking it off in the console (with sv_cheats 1 of course) but he wasn’t affected by it.

  3. Question. How can or can you make a Hamachi server 24/7?

Thanks. :smile:

  1. (Taking a shot in the dark here) Try setting the player number to 64 since only people on your Hamachi could join you anyways, that may fix it.

  2. Install and use something like ULX instead, it is just better for stuff like god and etc.

  3. The only real way would to be leaving your computer on 24/7 with gmod running. You could also use SteamCMDS which means you’ll be able to run a server without you specifically having Gmod on.