Problems with Hide and Seek Map vote

Hello, I am running my own hide and seek server but I have a small problem with the map vote. Instead of showing the options for players to vote the server just restarts into the same map which is was hide and seek does on it’s own. The map vote just doesn’t want to kick in.

I am using excel map vote and I have played around with the compatibility file but still can’t get it to work.

The script I have used is

elseif Gamemode == “hideandseek” then
hook.Add(“HASGameEnded”, “hideandseek_mapvote”, function()
return true

But it obviously is wrong since the map vote still doesn’t work.

If anyone know how to fix it or a better map vote that works with Hide and seek then can you let me know please? I don’t mind paying if I need to in order to get it.

Thanks a lot!

i got same problem. i use shout vote but its only for !rtv it doesnt support hns
maybe this will help?