Problems with HLSS since last update

Ever since the last update (Either steam update or Gmod. Unknown so far), HLSS stopped working properly.

When the sounds play, they become an elongated, deep, un-recognizable noise, that is quite annoying.

Yes, I reinstalled HLSS
Yes, The sounds are 11025Hz, 16 bit, mono
Yes, They are .wav files
Yes, I reduced the base/volume on the sounds
I tested it on 2 different computes with different specs, Same result
(It was working for months before until recently)

I’m not sure weather it was the recent steam update or the recent Gmod update or Both. :v:

Anyone else having problems with HLSS?

It’s been like this since somewhere last year.

Not for me, It stopped working like ~2 weeks ago.

As in ~2 weeks ago, I was using it just fine.

I’m having the same problem, I haven’t been able to fix it yet.

It started since update.

I think the update either crashed the hlss or it was on purpose, blame garry

I’m starting to think its steam.

I can’t positively conclude anything but a friend of mine used HLSS on GMod, DOD:S, and HL:DM.

Their reliability is of course questionable; but signs do point to steam.

There’s already a thread, go here

Thanks for the link

…Fucking searching disabled…