Problems with "Inside-out" Blocks

While using the vertex tool, I unknowingly created some blocks that were inside out.

Your probably just thinking “Well Nova Clearly you would just use the vertex tool to bring the top vertexes to the bottom! That will fix it, quick and easy”
I wish it were just that simple

The points along the slope are crazy small decimals. Contrary to what I thought, enlarging it didnt help.
This makes being precise nearly imposable with the vertex tool, even with the grid on its smallest setting. (Yes, Auto Snap is OFF)

What would be the best way to fix this, while retaining the decimal precision I want?

Don’t use decimals on the grid. they are messy and very hard to keep. Vbsp doesn’t like things off grid anyways.

BUT if you really want, you can hold alt then move the vertex around.

Just keep it on the grid. If you need precision smaller than 1 hammer unit, just use a model.

That’s most definitely not a practical solution…

Im assuming holding ALT while moving the vertex allows for decimal units?
Ill try that

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Even still, proving to be a pain in the ass

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God, this is why I dont do alot of mapping |:(

Yeah I have problems with this asswell. How to create a hollow cilinderic roof. Like a spike with alot of sides, but hollow. It keeps breaking for me.

Arch tool

Remake it.