problems with L4D2 content/ravaged zoey

Yea… so I have a lot of problems that may have to do with my graphics card, but I don’t know…

Here’s my long-ish list-o-problemos:

  1. Ravaged Zoey is completely invisible
  2. Nude witch is completely invisible
  3. L4D2 Survivors have missing eye textures.
  4. L4D2 Witch and tank are wireframe (not including witch’s hair)
  5. L4D2 common/uncommon infected multicolored like crazy
  6. L4D1 survivors have no eyes.

I never had any of these problems before the new update. Can someone tell me what’s wrong or better yet give me a solution?


do you have both l4d games? if so, i think that might be your problem

I have that! I don’t have both games, but I use the l4d2 sacrifice versions of the l4d1 survivors!

you need both games if you want to see the models, did you download that one pack that was released during the demo? because that had a wireframe witch and tank, if you have that, delete it. and i mean the L4D2 demo, and the colorful uncommons in l4d2 is normal,


Or just ask the guy who made gm_mount2 to “modify” Gmod’s version of Source again, see if he can’t do something.

last thing is not possible, i don’t think you can modify Gmod’s source engine without breaking maybe 50% of your addons

The old models for L4D 1 and L4D 2 don’t work anymore since the update.

However, before disappeared, two modders fixed the problem, with the L4D 2 Ravaged Zoey Model and the Mod which allows you to substitute the old L4D1 survivors for the new ones.

I saved the files online. Here is the link.

Does it replace Zoey in The Passing, The Sacrifice, and No Mercy in L4D2?

EDIT: Never mind, it does. Thanks so much for uploading this, I’ve been looking everywhere for it!

You’re confusing the guy who made Gmod with the guy who made Gm_mount2. Gm_mount2 itself got broken due to the spawnicon update but it works again.