Problems with light

I’ve made a small cabin and in the ceiling there is a lamp, under the lamp I put a Light_spot that is flickering.
But as you can see the lamp still looks like it’s turned off, is there a way to make the lamp light up when it’s flickering?

Thanks in advance.

Change the skin, which can be found in the properties of… I think prop_physics or dynamic. Or just look for a different model that is already lit. And no, as far as I know at least, you can’t simply shine a light on it to make it appear realistically lit up.

Well then, there you go.

That particular model has a second skin that lights up

Oh, that was stupid of me… Well, so there is no way to change between those skins at the same rate as the light flashes?

Probably, but it would require some pretty exact timing on your part.

Yeah, true… Guess I’ll skip that then.
Thanks for the help all of you :].

Also, place a second normal light, but set the brightness to 35% of the spot, so if your brightness is 250, place the norm light at about 80-90

Use a logic_timer to control and synchronize the flickering of the light and the skin of the prop.