Problems with lighting.

Hey guys, recently I have spent a while on making a map, once i had finally finished it I noticed these problems. In the displacements going down there are huge black shadows, and in the 3d skybox one end has dark shadows and the other end has brighter light. I cannot find a solution to fix it, does anyone know how to fix this?:

Yeah I know, I need to turn AA on but I forgot to turn it on in Ep2.

Put a light down inside them, and see if it still has the problem.

Wouldn’t that be quite a bodged up solution to the problem?
I do know if I shine my flashlight at a spot in the shadows that particular spot dissapeers.

Try load the pointfile in Map > Load Pointfile and look if it appears a red line somewhere. It might show that you perhaps have a leak somewhere and vis did not run when compiling, hence the water did not render (as it looked like). Make sure there is a skybox surrounding whole map, to ensure no leaks occur.

I am not sure thought that this is the problem in this case. But it might be worth a try? :slight_smile:


How big is your displacement?

It isn’t that large, and I made sure I only edited the face and not the whole brush.

The red line stops here:

DO you have anything under your displacement?

I asked for I size and dammit I need one.

There was a door under there and I removed it, but I still have the same problem.
Some parts of the car are slightly under the map on purpose to look like they are buried in the sand, but they are prop_static.

Displacements don’t seal against leaks, make sure you have a nodraw textured brush under them.
Also you should destroy the sides and bottom since they don’t need to be displaced and will cause lighting errors.


I don’t know why this makes any difference.

I still havn’t resolved this problem.

Put a brush underneath the ground, displacements do not seal leaks.

Check for leaks, load up your pointfile. Check your compile log.

make sure that the sides of your displacements arn’t displacements, that usually causes this exact issue

actually, it looks like your lightmap grid is really high, make sure it’s at 16 or so, that looks like it’s 256 or 512