Problems with mounting CSS with the Server

i did the app_update 232330 or watever and everything. I have the folder. My mount is:

          "cstrike"          "\home\content\css\cstrike"

I am using Linux and that is the directory to it. To my server it is home\server_1\garrysmod
For some odd reason, i put that in but it keeps giving me errors like

ERROR!: Can't create physics ubject for models/prop/cs_office/chair_office.mdl


dlopen failed trying to load: /home/tom/.steam/sdl32/ 

Not sure if this 1 is related to it tho.

also may i add, i am getting “Nav file is wrong or something (1)”

Linux uses /'s, not 's.

son of a bitch XD totally forgot about that ty

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still getting the cant create errors

Is your linux user named “content”, and are the files really there, or did you just mess up?

my linux user is not named content, that is a folder i made for it. I have followed the directory and put that in there. no mistakes were made.

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damn i am dumb XD

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here is my new 1 still doesnt work

          "cstrike"          "/home/tom/content/css/cstrike"

Check your permissions, make sure the user your running srcds_server as can access the directory and files.

i only have 1 user and it is admin.

The username is literally ‘admin’ or you mean you’re running everything as the root user?

the username is tom and it is the root user