Problems with my Dynamite

When I make my dynamite explode. Well it explodes riight and all! But it does no damage! To nothing.

[lua]function ENT:Explode( delay, ply )

if ( !self.Entity:IsValid() ) then return end

ply = ply or self.Entity

local _delay = delay or 0

if ( _delay == 0 ) then

 	util.BlastDamage( self.Entity, ply, self.Entity:GetPos(), radius, self.Damage )
	local effectdata = EffectData()
	 effectdata:SetOrigin( self.Entity:GetPos() )
	util.Effect( self.EffectName, effectdata, true, true )
	if ( !self.Remove_on_xplode ) then

	timer.Simple( delay, self.Explode, self, 0, ply )


I really dont see why!

Is damage working otherwise? If not, turn sbox_godmode to 0.

It is working otherwise. Also I was standing on th dynamite trying to change radius to 5k nothing changed! Also I copied it from the Default Dynamite sent. Only made it modular.

God mode has nothing to do with entities!

Well it still not works… I really dont see why!

Dumb question but did you try replacing the variables by hard values?
You could also use an env_physexplosion but it’s trickier.