Problems with scaling (Draw.SimpleText problems)

I used acecools guide on how to scale a hud and everything else is perfectly fine it’s just that this one isn’t working properly. It doesn’t scale property on any resolutions higher/lower then 1200x720. I’ve tryed it 1920x1080 and anything below that and it’s all off expect 1200x720 because thats what I scaled it on.

draw.SimpleText( GetHostName(), "DermaLarge", sw/1.43 * _wMod, sh/0.98 * _hMod, Color( red, green, blue ), TEXT_ALIGN_LEFT ) -- Hostname

Why are you dividing screen width by 1.43 and height by 0.98? Try adding parenthesis but for the guide to work it just modifies a hard-coded value…

The guide for scaling sets everything to a hard-coded value and then multiplies for it to scale. If you’re dividing then the scales will go off at some point.