Problems With Scout's Mother and Female Scout packs

I’ve got some texture problems with these 2 packs.

Female Scout:

And Scout’s Mother:

I’ve followed the readme(when available), and i’ve tried to install it in every single place it could be, but nothing…
The error is always there.
Could anyone help me?

They fixed this already, it was a error where Garry’s team made all the characters pitch black for Garrys Mod.

So how can i resolve this?

Could someone help me??

Have you updated Gmod to the latest version trough Steam?


Please please Please help me!
I really ned those models for a video!

Oh OH! A VIDEO. He’s fucking serious guys.

I detect piracy, I don’t see how you can have an unfixed update.

Do the other TF2 models do this?

I’ve buyed it, as you can see:

No, the other TF 2 models are just fine.

Have you tryed deleting and re installing those mods? -snip- I was just informed, the next bit i typed wouldn’t help

Il’’ try to reinstall the mod.
Please, could you tell me where is better to put those files?