Problems with setting up a server (TTT)

So I’m having a few problems setting up a TTT server. For some reason some objects you can walk through. I expected this was something with mount.cfg but the server host I’m using just has check boxes so I can’t look at it. Also, I’ve searched quite a bit and I can’t find how to add custom SWEPs to the traitor/detective store, or point shop for that matter.

Doesn’t your server host have FTP access?

Who is your host? And the boxes does have to do with mount.cfg

Ok. Think I figured out how to add weapons, just not how to modify how much headshots do. And can you explain what FTP is? (Sorry I’m a noob at this).

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My host is Daemon Servers. I know the boxes have something to do with it but It’s not like the other servers I’ve seen so that’s why I thought it could be a problem.

Make sure there aren’t any hyphens in the names of the mount.cfg folders for cstrike, etc…

FTP - File Transfer Protocol -> Allows you to browse the files of your server
Headshots - SWEP.HeadshotMultiplier
To add addons, put the addon folder ( containing folders like lua, models, etc ) into garrysmod/addons

Yes it has FTP, but it gives me a different type of file editor whenever I edit mount.cfg for some reason.

You’re probably using the built-in editor for the ftp-client you’re using which tracks if you save, etc so it can upload changes.

Yes, but could that be part of the problem?