Problems with sounds.

I’m working on a desert military base (cliche?) styled map that features an intercom system and a radio that plays a song. When the intercom is turned on, you can put the radio near it and it plays the song through ambient_generic entities all around the map.

However, the mp3 I’m using sounds really bad ingame. On windows media player it seems fine though. I was hoping someone could tell me how to improve the ingame quality. I’ve placed ambient_generics almost everywhere on the map, which might not be the best option either. If you know a better way to get the song to play over the entire map, I’d love to hear how to do that to.

You don’t need multiple ambient_generics if you want to hear sound throughout the entire map, you only need one. Tick the “Play Everywhere” option under the Flags tab.

Thanks a bunch that’ll save a lot of data I think. Any chance you have any advice on sound quality?

Edit: That actually fixed the problem. Thanks a bunch.