Problems with SourceSDK tools

Hi everyone, sorry for disturb but, since yesterday i can´t open any of my SourceSDK tool (except mdldecompiler fixed) without getting this error:

I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this OR what other alternatives for compiling there are.
I tried the solution from Valve Developer Community and it didn´t work.
I even redownloaded it but i got a “conversion” (now it´s on the “common” directory), moved all my programs and yet, it didn´t work.

I downloaded the Source SDK base 2013 (singleplayer AND multiplayer) but don´t know what to do with those.

Also, in other forums there was a lot of threads lately (from the last 3 days) about other people getting this error too.

Sorry for any grammar error, english is not my first language.
Thanks for read this!

Nevermind, i got the solution, used the studiomdl.exe ( with the parameters “-game <full path to your gameinfo.txt folder>”) from Source SDK base 2013 singleplayer.
Thanks to CSLeader for that.