problems with steam and

Hello there, could anyone help me out?

Recently Firefox got it’s update to the most recent version.
I went to to download some files i needed for my server.
I seemed to be logged out of i went to the steam page and entered my account details.
I never got the confirmation code.
Next time i repressed the button to go to the steam page - IT DOESN’T EVEN OPEN. D=
Now what’s the problem? Can anyone help me?

P.S YES, i own garrysmod - you can even check out my steam page.

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Full thread about this weird thing here.

I have the same problem really.

I click sign in and it loads forever…

I was having the same problem, but then I just disabled Steam guard until I was done logging in.

And I had the Sign in through your Steam account endless loading page problem too.

I tried it, and I’m still getting the endless loop.

it just says Connecting… forever with me, after a half-hour, I just gave up… can someone help me with this? I really want to download the NPC Scene 1.2, a couple of combine addons… and a lot of other things, but is…not…working…

well this is amusing