Problems with sv_setsteamaccount

Hello, I’m having a problem with sv_setsteamaccount:

No account token specified; logging into anonymous game server account.  (Use sv_setsteamaccount to login to a persistent account.)

This is printed in the console, but I have this in my server’s start parameters:
+sv_setsteamaccount LOGINTOKEN (of course I changed my login token to the one I created here.
I tried it in the autoexec.cfg and in the server’s start file.
Any ideas?


Do you use workshop on your server? Does it print twice or just once?

It just prints once. I’m not using the workshop, so +host_workshop_colection etc are not set.

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Also, it seems like when this is print to console, nobody can connect to the server, because they stuck at “Parsing game info…”

try also putting it in the autoexec

Anybody else having this issue?

Is there any update on this? Really like to use sv_setsteamaccount :confused:
Sorry for being annoying.

Whats the use of it in gmod anyways?

If you change your server ip, people will still have it in their favorites.

How should that work? Lol? Would be interresting. Never heard of that feature.

Bump i too also have the same problem :frowning:

I can not create a token 4020 but I can 4000. HELP please

as far as I know that’s fine, my servers count as logged in so I assume it would cry at me or something if i wasn’t using a correct game id, while if yours crys when you try to use 4020 i think its safe to assume you’re meant to just use the client’s app id