problems with the server: Facepunch moscow II.

Hi, firends!
I am the player of the Russian-speaking official Rust server: Facepunch moscow II.
Already second day to the server there is something wrong. If someone has any information, ask to notify in comments.
In advance I apologize for my bad English.

Yes. I’m interested too.


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Mean server offline to much times and atm… whats wrong?

Server is offline 18 hourse. Administrations where are you?

Again server offline, it’s very bad. Not is a game, but the torment

It’s still offline. I think it would be right to tweet garry.

нужно дружно спамить в твиттер гарри что на москвомском сервере творится беспредел… Постоянно оффлайн, еще и не официальные вайпы…