Problems with Tower of Terror

I just downloaded the Tower of Terror map file, and almost every texture is purple and pink and there are error messages EVERYWHERE.

What do I need to run this properly?

Buy Gmod or read the requirements.

Also this belongs in the tower of terror thread.

I bought gmod and I read the requirements, which I have.

I didnt know there was one…


Do you have CS:S? I think that map uses CS:S textures

No I don’t have CSS.

Please tell me thats not what it is D:

Thats what it is

Actually, that is what it is.

The default texture used for missing textures is purple/black checkerboard. I also had that issue a long while back when I was trying to get maps with CS:S content to work. I realized it was the issue after I got CS:S


ninjas be all up in this thread…


And I take it theres no way around it D:

in a legal sense, no. You would have to purchase CS:S to get all those textures.