problems with transferring gmod

i got a new computer, installed steam on it, and copied all of my gmod files from my old computer onto a usb.
i put all files in the steamapps, gmod folder, ect,ect and did everything right there.
i opened steam and it updated gmod before i could play it, when it was done i opened gmod, but none of my addons were there, it was as if i had started gmod for the first time, and i checked back in my addons folder, and ect, and everything i added was there!? so i restarted my computer/gmod/steam but still the same problem, and i removed almost all of my addons and put them back in, still nothing…
processer:intel ATOM??(that’s what it says on the sticker)
RAM:2 gb ram
Graphics card:not sure i think it’s just a simple one though
OS:Windows 7

-tiled blocks
-a few stools
-a few sweps

none apart from installing gmod

you could try re-installing all I’ve to say

uhhhh… i’d really rather not do that if there’s another EASIER solution.
thanks anyway.


What OS were you running before?