Problems with ULX/ULib

Hi i just got my dedicated server up and running with Garry’s mod. But for some reason ULX doesen’t like me! :frowning:

I get therse errors:

ULib/shared/sh_ucl.lua:46: [ULIB] Unauthed player

] rcon ulx adduser KILLERFRUIT superadmin 1
ULib/shared/commands.lua:401: attempt to call method ‘GetUserGroup’ (a nil value)

I got therse groups

They are all standard exept “test”

And i am running the newest SRCDS server.

Help is much appreciated



Just go into you SRCDS Console and type

!ulx adduser “username” superadmin

Thats what i did and it came up with that lua error…

I asked Megiddo (ULX Mod Creator) for help and he made a change in the commands.lua & now it works. But i still can’t get the menu working :confused: (Other admins can, just not me)

Do you have both ULX and ULIB in your addons folder?
Do you have the most recent ULX/ULIB? If you’re not sure; Use the SVN.

Edit; Try erasing the groups.txt file, it’ll automatically regenerate it.

Find another admin mod.

PS: Why is this in the gamemode section o.O?

New method.

Go into Severdir/orangebox/garrysmod/data/Ulib

Then Open up users.txt (if it doesn’t exist, create it). And throw that in at the beginning.

	"type"	"steamid"
	"id"	"STEAM_0:1:11111111"
	"pass"	""