Problems with Unity

Does anyone here know of a place where I can get the files for Unity web for mac (no installer)?
My Laptop is ass for playing games of this scale and I think I can get better performance on the iMacs in my school but I havent been able to find a solution that lets me install Unity without having to log in as an administrator

imac’s have like 256mb of ram for video i wouldnt recommend unless you like 15-20 fps
parents got one for around 2-3 grand and it is just horrid when it comes to gaming.

You’re thinking of 2007-era iMacs like the one I have
I’m talking about the newer ones that have faster graphics processors and 512 MB from 2011, 24-30 fps will do just fine

I develop and play rust on a 2011 iMac, as well as BF3 etc, the key is to download the ATI drivers for laptops from their website rather than use the default bootcamp ones which are very outdated

It would be so fine and dandy to have bootcamp on these school iMacs, then I could have bypassed asking about Unity completely since Unity doesnt require admin rights to install on windows for some reason

That unity player doesnt seem to work it gives error " Error launching unity player " and details are " Failed to load unity dll. "
Ive searched the forum but found nothing… can anyone help me ?
all internet said was “use this earlier version and replace app data unity file” im not even using windows XP (given path) and the installer says finished in a second i dont think it was installing anything (i uninstalled newest version from control panel)