why r my add ons not working i put them in the right folder i downloaded the newest phx and advanced duplicator but none of my sweps vehicles or tools show up in my spawnscreen wtf and they do not show up as errors on my screen they dont show up at all please give me advice and do not direct me to the faq because that does not help me

You don’t need 3 threads for this.

I know lol

Please, Type in a way in which we can understand you.

Did you get the SVN version of PHX and Wire?

Is your GMod Pirated?

I didn’t bother reading the first post because of the grammar.

However, I will tell you this

For that, use this tutorial:

i keep on saying that wen i download the svn thing that it shows in the tutorial and i try to install it it says that the file i selected doesn’t exist. wtf