Procedural animations

You may have already seen the videos of one of the developers of the s’box, they show procedural animations, I’m interested in your opinion, maybe someone is already planning to do something, and maybe in general, someone is going to make an analogue, For example euphoria not only for the npc, but also for the player, so that we have the best experience in the third person.


Upd: It would be great if procedural animations worked not only on the npc, but also on the player. Real animations, and other, I think someone will do it, and it will be remotely reminiscent of euphoria.

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Source 2 has a plethra of procedural animations, helper bones and stride retargeting most prominently, delta animations and the result from using them are technically procedural, same with aimlayers,

I’d dare to say that the player is mostly procedural, with aimlayers, blends, ikchains and all, but that would be a bold claim (and probably wrong oops), but other than what we have I don’t think there’s going to be any other major addition on the field of animations.

Euphoria is a whole different beast, I know it doesn’t have to exactly be like it, but it doesn’t even need to be remotely similar, what we have right now is perfectly passable for a game.


I’ve heard that in the new devlog, we will be told more about animations, I like real-world animations, I hope in the S’box, they too will be from developers or community.

The latest devblog had nothing going for animations, and I haven’t heard or seen any news about something big coming for animations, maybe someone misinformed you.

I’d hope I would be able to hear something about it by now if there really was a big breakthrough coming.

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I have an acquaintance who has devpreview, he told me that most likely something will tell in the new devlog. So let’s wait.

Max said they won’t ever add completely procedural animations, S&box just doesn’t need them, and they may be a nuisance seeing as the movement is very dynamic and not at all realistic, if you were to add completely procedural animations the movement would either slow down to a crawl, or the character would trip and smash into a wall every 30° turn you make due to inertia.

Maybe your acquaintance is talking about something else entirely or you misunderstood what he meant.

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I think it’s possible to move character physics from other games, if possible, that’s cool. Or do your physics for your mode where it will be appropriate. Am I right?

I mean, if I want to do real animations, will I be able to move physics from gta to sbox, a question I can get in the future, if it’s not possible, I’ll have to do physics myself for my mode where it’s needed.

Well we know completely procedural animations won’t be in s&box base game, but you can try to do it yourself in your own gamemode, although given that it would be left to random developers in an engine that doesn’t natively support this kind of animation, it would most likely come out looking like Gmod’s ragdoll combat

Also no, you can’t move physics from a game to another game that uses a different engine, you can try to recreate them, though it might not be a particularly good idea as GTA uses their own in-house engine, which is probably made to support procedural character animations that interacts with the world.

So if I want to, I can do procedural animations for my regime, so it’s going to take time, but I’ll be happy if I can. And maybe it will be like gta, certainly not as high quality, but it looks like.